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Reiki Session

Time: 45-60min

What to expect: The holy fire energy is warm and gentle. You might feel warmth when receiving Reiki. Please drink lots of water after the session.

Suggested Attire: Comfortable, loose clothing

Every person has a different experience during a Reiki session. Each session is focused on intentions you have. If I am guided to work on specific areas of your body I will do so, but keep in mind the energy flows wherever it is needed.

Reiki sessions are highly effective with chronic pain management, insomnia and emotional wellbeing. During the session, you can focus on existing problems you have in your life and by the time the session is over, you might have an answer. 

Chakra Clearing Session

Time: 20-30min

What to expect: If some of your chakras are clogged, you might feel highly emotional once they open. It is good, and it is okay to smile, laugh out loud, quietly shed a tear or sob.

Suggested Attire: Comfortable, loose clothing

Each Chakra clearing session begins and ends with a short consultation. Everything you share with me is strictly confidential. I will not touch your body but might ask you to hold or place crystals on your body. You might hear me whisper or chant or exhale loudly at times (it is all part of the process).

Animal Reiki

Time: 45min-3hours (depending on the animal)

What to expect: If your pet or animal give me permission I will do Reiki on them. They might refuse the energy.

I can perform Reiki on animals from a distance (all I need is a photo and your pet’s name) or in person. I do Reiki sessions on my elderly dog and cat on daily basis to help with arthritis for my dog and keep the playfulness for my cat.

Holy Fire Healing Experience 

Time: 45-60min

What to expect: The experiences are similar to guided meditations. You are likely to visualize your experiences, connect with loved ones who have passed on, experience pleasant feelings and aromas.

Suggested Attire: Comfortable, loose clothing

Holy Fire Reiki healing experiences are best for working out emotional issues. They are most helpful when overcoming grief, depression or simply when you want to rejuvenate your tired soul. Here is a list of the experiences a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master can guide you through:

Heavenly Banquet Hall Experience for Spiritual Nourishment

Holy Love Experience for Divine Love installed clearly and deeply in one's Soul

Ocean of Holy Love Experience for relaxing or swimming in an ocean of liquid light that Purifies, Heals, Guides, Empowers and Protects

Aroma Reiki 

Time: 45-60min

What to expect: Deep relaxation and help with pain management. The Aromatouch technique is a form of gentle drops of doTerra essential oils and specific movements on your back, shoulders and neck. Very similar to a lymph massage but only on your back.

Suggested Attire: Comfortable, loose clothing.

Please note: After your session your clothing will absorb the essential oils and it might take several washes until the smell of the oils come out.

There are several doTerra Aroma touch protocols and gentle touch combinations of essential oils combined with Reiki healing depending on your needs. It is a rejuvenating experience and can help with chronic pain, insomnia and depression. Please share your specific needs prior to your session so I can make sure I have the correct oils on hand by the time of your session.

Aura Clearing 

Time: 10min-2 hours

What to expect: Most clearing sessions are very active and you might need to remain standing or sitting for a long period of time. It is effective with releasing blocks, and getting your energy flowing.

Suggested Attire: Comfortable, loose clothing

Aura Clearing is also known as Psychic Surgery. It is effective in removing negative psychic energy, helps in resolving relationship or spiritual issues, addictions, and other emotional difficulties.

Depending on the size of the issue, a clearing session may take over an hour, and repeat sessions might be necessary.

House &Object Clearing

Time: Varies

If your object is small enough to carry, you can bring it with you when receiving any service from me. House clearings are great when changing locations or beginning new chapters of your life. Sometimes we might have unwanted guests, or the feeling of bad energy around us. Although I can do distance Reiki on objects and your home, I find it more powerful when done in person.

Distance Reiki

Time: 45-60min

What to expect: The holy fire energy is warm and gentle. You might feel warmth when receiving Reiki.

Please note: I only send distance Reiki if I have the person’s consent.

Distance Reiki is just as effective as in person Reiki. The best part is, I can do it while you are asleep, if you are in crisis and need Reiki immediately or you are not in the area.

Chakra Dance

Time: 45min

What to expect: A rejuvenating experience which will awaken your senses.

Suggested Attire: Comfortable, loose clothing. Bring a scarf or a blind fold.

Chakra dance is an up-beat movement of the body which awakens your senses and allows your chakras to open up and flow freely. The practice begins and ends with short meditations and is structured to open each chakra by using specific movements and rhythms. Chakra dance is usually done in small groups of not more than 8 people.

Akashik Records Reading

Time: 30-60min

An Akishik Record reading is best when you need specific guidance in your life. It is specific for your soul and you can ask “how” “what” and “why” questions. You cannot ask for information on other people but can ask for guidance on your relationships with others. Akashik Record readings are only for adults 18+ as the code of ethics does no allow access to anyone’s records without consent. Readings can be done from a distance or in person. 


  • In one on one sessions, I only work with women. Parents can be in the room if their child is receiving Reiki.